Benefits of Invisalign

Woman from Encinitas shows off her straight teeth thanks to Invisalign clear braces treatment in Carlsbad.

If you are looking for a great solution to help you get straight teeth, Invisalign clear braces have a lot of things going for them:

  • Easy to Clean

    One appealing benefit offered by Invisalign clear braces is the fact that your teeth are still easy to clean. Since the Invisalign trays are easily removed, you can brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. You do not have to worry about food getting stuck in your teeth while you eat as so often happens with traditional braces, so proper personal dental care is much easier. And you don’t have to worry every time you eat that your smile may look unsightly until you can brush your teeth again. Another benefit to the removable trays is that keeping your teeth clean is easier, you may experience better dental health generally. Maintaining good dental health is often really difficult with traditional braces because brushing and flossing with the wires and brackets isn’t always that effective.

  • Invisible

    Invisalign clear braces are just that – clear! You can smile, have your picture taken, go to any function and not feel embarrassed about your braces. It is amazing how confident you can feel when you know you will have straight teeth and a gorgeous smile, but don’t have to go into hiding until this is accomplished!

  • Invisalign straightens teeth for San Marcos, CA patients using clear aligners.

    Kinder to your Mouth

    Invisalign clear braces aren’t made of metal, so they don’t have wires that can irritate, cut and scar the inside of your mouth. This makes them far more comfortable as they provide the straight teeth you dream of.

  • Less Time

    The Invisalign clear braces system can often take less time to provide you with straight teeth than traditional metal braces. This alone is a huge benefit. You will get a gorgeous smile sooner than if you chose the traditional braces method! Imagine being able to flash a fabulous smile while you’re having your teeth straightened, but not having to have any kind of appliance in your mouth is less time! It’s fabulous!

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Invisalign clear braces are a smart and convenient option for anyone seeking a healthier more beautiful smile with gorgeous straight teeth. Call us today and we would love to share more information about Invisalign!