How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign Treatment in Carlsbad

Invisalign treatment in Carlsbad straightens teeth for patients throughout Encinitas and San Marcos CA.

If you are looking for a fantastic solution to create a beautiful smile, Invisalign clear braces may be the answer for you! Here at La Costa Dental Excellence, we have helped many people with bad bites or smiles they’d like corrected to straighten teeth with amazing results.

Invisalign clear braces provides you with a modern approach to getting the smile of your dreams.

The process for Invisalign clear braces treatment is rather straightforward:

  • During your initial appointment, we will give you an evaluation to see if you are viable candidate for Invisalign treatment.
  • If you are, at that very appointment, we can begin the process. We will take a mold of your teeth that is then analyzed by our doctors. They will create a system to correct bad bites and straighten teeth.
  • Using up to date technology, Invisalign clear braces trays are created that straighten teeth and take your smile from where it is to where it needs to be.
  • Every few weeks, you come to our office and receive a new set of trays that gradually straighten teeth. These fix bad bites progressively, one set of trays at a time.

The trays are constructed from a smooth and comfortable type of plastic that is virtually invisible. You will wear these over your teeth, typically for a period of two weeks, at which time you will insert a new set of aligners to further move your teeth into the proper position.

Clear braces in Encinitas and San Marcos CA for a beautiful smileThe Invisalign clear braces used to straighten teeth and correct bad bites have no metal brackets or wires that traditional metal braces implement, so there is no cutting or scarring inside your mouth. And there are no rubber bands that are messy and difficult to apply. You simply put in a new set of the Invisalign trays every few weeks until the treatment to straighten teeth is complete. Once completed, you will achieve a great looking smile with virtually no interference in your day to day routine.

Learn More About How Invisalign Treatment Straightens Teeth!

Invisalign treatment almost sounds too easy! It really is a simple, time efficient process that can give you the smile of your dreams! Questions? Call us today to learn more about clear braces or to schedule an Invisalign consultation with us. Dr. Dankworth and his team are here for patients in the Carlsbad area, from Encinitas to San Marcos, CA!